Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Libertarian Party Strategy for Traction

It is certainly the case that many of those part the liberty wing of the GOP often get frustrated with the party's foreign and social policies. While some may argue that the only method by which libertarianism gains traction in this country is through transforming one of the major parties, there is certainly the idea of the Libertarian Party, a half defunct and completely dysfunctional political entity, making progress. Below is a simple five part strategy for libertarian success.
  1. Find one less funded state level campaign for major office in a moderately red state during the 2012 elections.
  2. Locate a very strong candidate with 'no baggage' who is telegenic and well liked.
  3. Run a campaign for this political office and focus all efforts and funds of the Libertarian Party solely on this campaign.
  4. Make sure that the candidate continually wins reelection.
  5. In the year's to come, find another, similar office, and another, and another, and continually do the same strategy until suddenly, the Libertarians hold a large enough quantity of offices that they are considered a more major party.

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