Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beshear in good shape for reelection

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D), despite strong disapproval of national Democrats, remains well ahead of his probable Republican challengers, entrepreneur Phil Moffet and State Senate President David Williams. A recent Public Policy Polling opinion poll said the following.
Beshear sports a solid 48-34 job approval rating, and has steadily improved since PPP found him at 38-35 in July and 43-37 in September. Unlike a lot of politicians who ran in 2010, Beshear is more liked by his own party than disliked by the opposing party, and independents like him almost as much as the overall electorate does.
Though not measured this time, in September, Kentuckians disliked Williams by almost a 2:1 margin, 16-33, and had almost no idea who Moffett was, with an inconsequential 4% saying they have a favorable view, and 15% a negative one.
Beshear currently leads Moffett, 45-26, and Williams by a slimmer 44-35. Where Beshear consistently dominates is among the small group of independents, leading Williams 38-25 and Moffett 37-20.
Beshear remains part of the rare and dying breed of successful conservative and moderate southern Democrats. These numbers look promising for Kentucky Democrats moving into the ever important 2012 election cycle.

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